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How We Moderate

The first time you post a comment on, it sits in a queue until we manually approve it. So it may take a little time for your comment to appear.

If any of your comments contain two or more links, they will sit in moderation even if you have commented before. This is an automatic way we use to limit the amount of spam comments on the blog. If it’s a valid comment, then fear not – it’ll will be approved, but manually so it might take a little time!


We take your privacy very seriously and we’ll treat your privacy as seriously as our own. We don’t disclose email address of commenters.


Personal attacks or trolling will not be allowed. Take your skirmishes elsewhere. If your comment is trollish and isn’t moderated/displayed after a reasonable amount of time, then consider it binned. Respect others.

Reserving The Right To Moderate

At the end of the day, we reserve the right to delete comments or ban commenters that persist in being abusive, trollish or disrespect others. Go find a messageboard to masturbate on, please.

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