Sunday Tribune’s Shocking Revelations on Iris Robinson’s Other Affairs

Tomorrow’s Sunday’s Tribune claims to have explosives details on the Iris Robinson affair *or * more properly affairs.

As well as describing the incredible fury and deep sadness that the Rev Ian Paisley has felt for the damage caused to the DUP following the revelations of the week, the real shock in the piece comes when the Sunday Tribune alleges that Mrs Robinson has had more affairs in the past.

Suzanne Breen writes:

Meanwhile, it emerged this weekend that Iris Robinson also had an affair with 19 year-old Kirk McCambley’s father, a butcher who died of cancer. She had another affair with a fellow DUP member in the 1980′s which was witnessed by the security forces.

Further on in the piece:

Iris Robinson’s affair with Kirk McCambley isn’t her first. She had an affair with a fellow DUP member in the 1980.

It was witnessed by security force members voluntarily guarding the Robinsons’ home after the RUC officially withdrew protection over Peter Robinson’s  loyalist invasion into Clontibret.

For your information, the Invasion of Clontibret was took place in 1986. Shocking allegations and surely not the end!

Update: Peter Robinson steps aside as First Minister.

Keeping the comments tight here. No speculation or allegations please!


  1. Wow! Shocked! Wish the Tribune would update their website though – and revamp it too. Thanks for breaking the story – will go to bed all excited now. (Yes, I’m one BIG nerd)


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