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Why is The Sunday Times so afraid of bloggers?

Why is The Sunday Times so afraid of bloggers?

So the response of The Sunday Times’ trolling piece on the death of Irish blogs is alive and kicking.  I am not going to barge in and rechew all of the comment.

What The Sunday Times doesn’t understand that most bloggers don’t want to be journalists, but secretly might want to be better writers, working out ideas or perhaps – and let’s stretch here – for the fun of it.

Why is a British newspaper so afraid of bloggers living in Ireland? Would the French not be a more suitable target or is this the further tabloidisation (look, a new word invented – the sacrilege!) of the Sunday Times? Perhaps Brenda Power can write the next blog piece….

Were I the imbodiment of the Sunday Times, I’d be more worried about the melding of new news sources like Mark Little’s upcoming project. But perhaps that’s just me being rational.

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